"This summer will be the 15th year that Furman Landscaping has been responsible for our yard.  Whether it's lawn care, flower bed preparation, planting, weeding, exterior light installation, pond construction and maintenance, leaf removal or mulching, we've never been disappointed in the work that Furman Landscaping has done.  We couldn't get along without them!" 

Mrs. Norman Schwartz

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"I am happy to report that Jim Furman is a dedicated and productive landscaper.  Jim has been working for me doing Lawn/Yard work, garden design, tree planting and other miscellaneous jobs for many years .  He started with me during his college days and has consistently performed well with skill, enthusiasm,  and success!"

Mrs. Ann Birmingham  

“Thank you for making my lawn care one less thing I have to worry about! You always come as scheduled, and when you’re done, everything looks great.   The decorative retaining wall you designed and built for me last year remains my front lawn center piece!  I could not be happier!”

Roy Johnson